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Check out our amazing Kitchen Knife Specials:

Ceramic Paring Knife

Ceramic Paring Knife

Boker 2.75 inch Paring Knife – Ceramic blade, easy grip fiber reinforced handle, blunt tip, lightweight.

MSRP: $49.73 Regular: $35.95 – Special Price! Now Only $29.95 – You Save $19.78

Boker 2 in Ceramic Knife KAC3023

Kershaw Knife Block Set on sale

Kershaw Knife Block Set Sale

Kershaw 9 pc. Knife Block Set – Includes 8 stainless steel knives, fun colored handles, dishwasher safe, acrylic storage block. *Free Shipping

MSRP: $181.35 Regular: $107.85 – Special Price! Now Only $100.95 – You Save $80.40

Kershaw Knife Block Set KAC1012

5 Tomato Knife_PBH7-24-891

Slicing Knife on Sale

Pro-Balance 5 inch Tomato Knife – CR1400 stainless steel blade, stainless steel handle, designed to slice perfectly every time, gift box. *Limited Quantity

MSRP: $110.20 Regular: $65.25 – Special Price! Now Only $60.95 – You Save $49.25

Pro-Balance 5 in Slicing Knife KAC5005

Ceramic Utility Kn_B-130C24S

Ceramic Utility Knife

Boker 3.75 inch Utility Knife – Ceramic blade, reinforced synthetic handle, comfortable and secure grip, dishwasher safe, 100% corrosion resistant.

MSRP: $55.63 Regular: $39.95 – Special  Price! Now Only $31.95 – You Save $23.68

Boker 3 in Ceramic Knife KAC3022

Steak Knife Set_59KS6Z

6 piece Steak Knife Set Sale

Cold Steel Steak Knife Set of 6 – 4 5/8 inches, German 4116 stainless steel, long Kray-Ex™ handles, dishwasher safe, easy to clean.

MSRP: $95.34 Regular: $60.35 – Special Price! Now Only $55.95 – You Save $39.39

Cold Steel Steak Knife Set KAC7005

Chefs Knife_ALAM-C6

Al Mar Chef Knife Sale

Al Mar 6 inch Chef Knife – Beautiful Black Pakka Wood handle, VG-2 stainless steel blade, Asian-style cutlery, gift boxed.

MSRP: $146.45 Regular: $88.95 – Special Price! Now Only $82.95 – You Save $64.00

Al Mar 6 in Chef Knife KAC2002

8 Fillet Knife PBH7-24-1100

Fillet Knife Sale by Pro-Balance

Pro-Balance 8.3 inch Flexible Fish Knife – Flexible stainless steel blade, weighted matte steel handle, ergonomically constructed, CR1400 Stainless Steel, gift box. *Limited Quantity

MSRP: $148.80 Regular: $88.25 – Special Price! Now Only $79.95 – You Save $68.05

Pro-Balance Fish Knife KAC5030

8 in Breadknife_ALAM-SCB

Al Mar Bread Knife Sale

Al Mar Ultra-Chef 8 inch Bread Knife – VG-10 Damascus stainless steel blade, stainless steel handle, ultra sharp, gift box. *Free Shipping

MSRP: $245.75 Regular: $142.75 – Special Price! Now Only $136.95 – You Save $108.80

Al Mar Bread Knife KAC2012

6 Arbolito Block B-03BA1112

Boker Knife Block Set on Sale

Boker Arbolito 6 piece Block Set Solid wood block with 4 – 440A steel knives and an easy to use sharpening steel. Nice gift set.

MSRP: $151.23 Regular: $105.25 – Special Price! Now Only $94.95 – You Save $56.28

Boker Knife Block KAC3005

8 Chef Knife_59KCZ

Cold Steel Chef Knife Sale

Cold Steel 8 inch Chef Knife – Ice tempered German steel blade, long Kraton handle, curved belly. Comfortable and easy to use.

MSRP: $49.64 Regular: $33.65 – Special Price! Now Only $30.95 – You Save $18.69

Cold Steel Chef Knife KAC7001